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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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recommends that a solution for a change of designation to a change of category that building. it's included in your packet and if adapted today, this item will be considered for future distribution. that concludes my presentation and i'll turn it over for a short premise and i'll present letters for the commission for the property owner. >> good afternoon. i'm christen architecture historian at page and turn ball i have a brief presentation
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okay. my presentation provides a few illnesses and the summary of finding for article 11 change of designation. you'll see here an aerial view where the wrecky is located on california street adjacent to old st. marys church there's a bridge and another bridge that connects behind it. a couple of images of the primary facade the one on the
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left and a close up view looking at northwest at the entry level. a few other images here. the preexisting covered bridge that connects it to the sanctuary on the left it previously connected the rectory that existed in this location before. a detail of the stairwell openings immediately adjacent to that bridge in the left photo and a picture of the north bridge connecting to the facility and on the rhetoric of that photo there's a bump out that's the exterior view of the interior at the bottom the chapel with the window design by
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march adams. a here's an s o m drawing of the primary facade pled in 1964 the drawing and an illness from 1967 that shows the complete believe adjacent to the church and also the hartford building on the other side. so here we go or here's our summary of criteria. as mary said it has to be located outside a preservation district it's 47 years old. we found the building does appear individually important for several reasons first with the local effort by catholic church to engage with contemporary art and architecture to create building
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that resonated with modern audience. we did a lot of research and found that in san francisco bay area the order embraced part of the art. in its design old st. marys directy you put a face on the oldest patience. and the st. marys facility was the oldest building in san francisco. second it's a work of master under the leadership of charles. s o m distinguished itself within the firm and with architecture designs that pay greater attention to environmental and historic context and demonstrated greater
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expressions of modernism. we looked at the other work across the criteria country. the old mary facility is the old approach design as one of bassett design that exemplified use principles. and in association with that the building appears important individually as on a early design of conceptual design. bassett oral history statements make clear his interests in context all design it's a typical at the national level and is an example of the design by the chief design partner in san francisco.
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under criterion for the building must be rated very good or excellent or in relation with the environment. it is very good with the architecture design it was noted after design in a feature in a magazine that feature was part of and only 10 years after the buildings construction it was given a 2 rating in the 1976 architecture survey meaning it was rated as approximately the top 10 of building stock. we found the building appeared excellent in the environment as noted in the 1976 survey the building was designed to smooth the contribution to the east and old st. marys church on the west. it employes the use of concrete
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window to the golf course window and it is particularly success e successful it is matched with the shoulder of the church. the window openings carry the height of the church doors and window and the first concrete window successfully blend with the insurance building and the regular i do grid. we've found that 660 california street meets the fourth criterion for the designation. underground for demonstration the building was never studied thus, the significant of the building make it eligible for rating as a building of context
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all importance. as documented in our report it's based on a sin thus and document of fire map historic photo that was collected and other primary resources. the primary resource information is set within the broad context of the old st. marys cathedral. and the work of edward charles chuck bassett. evaluation above demonstrates the building is important. we therefore found the old st. marys directy is a contribute building in category 3. thank you >> thank you. commissioners any questions for
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staff or sponsor? seeing none, wool open it up for public comment. i have one speaker card. >> commissioners i'm edward the fortress property group. i've about that designated as the person to help old st. marys take this through to recategories the building. i think the report speaks for itself so i probably shouldn't be up hero. several years ago st. marys were rezoned and you might recall those properties were rezoned 0 sole for the purpose to recreate t dr and sell those for the maintenance of the buildings. the first building open the list was old st. marys church because
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they needed fund for the service fit. and the two on the left is why wore here today and following through an the notion of rezoning and trying to create monies for that preservation. so having said that i think that, you know, the buildings virtual worth preserving as an unrated building in zone 3 the building ensueable could be sold and it would generate the money for the maintenance. thank you >> thank you. >> any other member of the public wish to speak seeing none, bring it back to commission. commissioner
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>> well, thank you for the staff report case report as well as your report christen i found it exfoliating to see this information developed for the property and, of course, i support this designation. i'm just you curious from the recent speaker because on the t drs couldn't you sell them and how did it process work for you. we had a recent report deciding the program or relationship earlier this year. i'm interested yeah, that would be great with the commissions indulgence >> yeah. we were able to create about one hundred and 75 square feet and we're hoping to put a transaction together to
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take about 58 thousands of those and so we can move on to the directory which will be about 6 thousand feet. >> who bought them i mean, you have the money to do the maintenance that's the idea. >> right that's a good question their sold to multiple users. actually emerald fund on hope street we sold some to 1401 mission street and i can't recall the others >> just to see how the program is running so thank you. >> commissioners any other commissioner weiner's questions or comments. >> i'll move approval. >> second. >> thank you. if there's nothing further open the motion to recommend approval
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(calling names) so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously and that concludes our calendar >> perch we'll bring this meeting to a close. meeting to a close. - this is my computer? this is your computer. let's go on the internet. let's go. click it? yes. ok. i cursor in between the r and the e. when i say dot, i want you to just push the period. she's going to love me all over again now. that's it! jamaica here you come!
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here we go. all right. good job. thank you. thank you. i did it. by myself. feel smarter. >> the annual celebration of hardly strictly bluegrass is always a hit now completing itself 12 year of music in the incredible golden gate park. >> this is just the best park to come to. it's safe. it's wonderful and such a fun time of the year. there is every kind of music you can imagine and can wander around and go from one stage to another and just have fun. >> 81 bands and six stages and no admission. this is hardly strictly bluegrass. >> i love music and peace. >> i think it represents what is great about the bay area. >> everyone is here for the
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music and the experience. this is why i live here. >> the culture out here is amazing. it's san francisco. >> this is a legacy of the old warren hel ment and receive necessary funding for ten years after his death. >> there is a legacy that started and it's cool and he's done something wonderful for the city and we're all grateful. hopefully we will keep this thing going on for years and years to come. 
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